Independence – Encouraging our residents to be their own person

We acknowledge that independence is instilled within us throughout our whole lives and this does not diminish with age. We recognise that maintaining independence generates a great sense of self-worth and wellbeing. We encourage our residents to be independent whenever possible. Our trained carers will be there to assist every step of the way should it be needed. We pride ourselves on giving our residents choices so that they can live their lives exactly the way they want to.

Purpose – Enhancing the lives of our residents

Although the elderly bring along vast years of experience, we see the arrival of a resident as a new beginning for them. We place a heavy emphasis on daily activities and encourage all residents to be involved. A dedicated activities co-ordinator comes in 5 days a week and leads activities that are both mentally and physically stimulating. In addition to this we have various events on throughout the calendar year that create fond new memories for our residents.

Dignity – Giving our residents the respect they deserve

We work hard to maintain a culture of privacy and dignity for our residents. Not only do we treat our residents and their information with confidentiality, but we respect each resident as an individual regardless of their circumstances.

Person centred care – Ensuring each resident receives a tailored care

Person centred care is a way of thinking and doing things that means putting residents and their families at the centre of decisions, working alongside professionals to get the best outcome. To enable person centred care we create a tailored care plan for each resident aligned to their individual needs and preferences. We also have key workers on hand to ensure a personalised touch.

Belonging – Giving our residents a sense of community and safety

We promote an inclusive environment embracing the diversity of all of our residents. A strong sense of community provides a mechanism which residents can rely on to cope with various events in their life. Not only do we offer physical support but offer emotional support through listening and comforting our residents when they need it. Above all else we ensure our residents feel safe in their home.